Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Cultural Effects
•Cheap 'made in china' sombrero vuitiao is being sold many more times cheaper than the hand made one, causing people to buy the fake ones.
•Potato growers in Chile have been looking for new jobs since american potatoes reached the market.
•Starbucks reaching Colombia has made competition to the local coffee growers who have been growing coffee for centuries.

Economic Effects
•Starbucks has brought competition to local cofee shops.
•In shops imported potatoes are cheaper than local potatoes because of the price of the fertilizer.
•Brought from China sombrero Vueltiao is many more times cheaper than the original one, making people buy products from outside the countrie. (Affects economy of country)

Pace of Change

What does the term "pace of change" mean? 
In relation with Globalization, pace of change is the velocity in wich it reaches other countries or how long it takes for the product or idea to reach another nation.
Based on the video+your notes give atleast 2 different examples that demostrate this concept.
•How long it took for the Silk that was brought from China to reach and connect the east and the west.
•How much time it took for other lands to  start accepting Christianity.