Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I chose the article "There are only three countries in the world were your boss is more likely to be a woman"
My life is different living in one of the three countries from if I lived in a country that woman were not that common to be bosses. I probably would be taught to work not that much to sustain a company, since it isint that common but more to work from directions. 
I wouldent have the priviledges I have since I wouldent have that much posibility to have a such important job, different from what I have now, a high possibility.
I would need to change my behavior since I would not be the one making the choises and giving the directions of the company, I would probably be the one following them.
My privilidges and rights would be limited if I lived in a place with a low number of Female bosses and I wouldent have the chance to ran a whole company.

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