Thursday, September 11, 2014

Secondary/Primary Source


(Everything is a primary/secondary source)

There 2 types of sources, Primary and Secondary source.

Primary Source:

A  primary source is information  that has been created based on personal experience of an author, director, reporter,etc.
Example: Diary. 

This is  Anne Frank Diary, I know this is a primary source because it is a autobiography, she wrote this diary from a story she witnessed, a personal experience.

Secondary Source:

A secondary source is information that is taken from the place were it was created, were it happend, for example, the secondary source didint experience the fire it reported, it just heard about it and later reported it.
I know textbooks are a secondary source because they talk about history, and creations and things the writer didint experience but the writer heard or learned it with another source.

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  1. These are great examples, but I wanted 2 within each category. Make sure to follow directions completely.