Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How Religion groups in The same society influence each other.

Religions often influence one another,in the article The Crusades many different religions were fighting for this piece of land, for each of them it has a underneath meaning,the palace,death or birth. If one of these religion started to make war all of them with follow, creating a big war between religions.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Self-Reflection 5 themes of geography Santander

Strengths: I thinks One of my strengths was that I made my project a creative idea and had a lot of examples, definitions and experiences that could be easily understood.

Improvements: I could have speaked louder and clearer, or could have practiced my oral/presentation skills.

Difficult topics: For me the visible/invisible features were easy to understand but difficult to show I understood, I also struggled to find the definitions in my own words.


I think I deserve a 3.5 because I followed the rubric and checklist having a creative idea in mind and showing my knowledge about the topic. The improvement most of my peers told me about was about presentation. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Secondary/Primary Source


(Everything is a primary/secondary source)

There 2 types of sources, Primary and Secondary source.

Primary Source:

A  primary source is information  that has been created based on personal experience of an author, director, reporter,etc.
Example: Diary. 

This is  Anne Frank Diary, I know this is a primary source because it is a autobiography, she wrote this diary from a story she witnessed, a personal experience.

Secondary Source:

A secondary source is information that is taken from the place were it was created, were it happend, for example, the secondary source didint experience the fire it reported, it just heard about it and later reported it.
I know textbooks are a secondary source because they talk about history, and creations and things the writer didint experience but the writer heard or learned it with another source.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I live in the capital of Colombia, Bogota. Bogota is a big city surrounded by mountains, located in the the central mountain range. At the farmside near Bogota there are many farmers who plant potatoes that are used for the tipical foods, Ajiaco, Sancocho and other delicios soups. Bogota is located 04º 38' N and 74º 05' W. Colombia it is boredered to the northweast by Panama, to the east by Venezuela and Brazil, to the south by Ecuador and Peru and it shares maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Colombia has in common with many of the countries in South America that its main language is Spanish, such as Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, In Central America there are also many Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.  I think many of these countries have there languaje in common because of the Spanish that came here to found many of these countries. Long ago the only living people in what now is colombia were the indians who had their own language, and their own way to live, when the spanish came they brought there own ideas of many things the indians didint know.  Colombias main culture is the farming part, it has been changing with time and the cities have been growing enough to make the people have the need to adapt.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Air Pollution

Air pollution is made by the burn of gasoline, in cars, machines,factories and trash burning. Smog in cities is the most common form of air pollution. Any substance that humans introduce into the atmosphere is considered air pollution. If we keep on contaminating the earth, our planet will run out of clean air and it will turn dirty. Air pollution makes humans cough and feel really sick, imagine if there was only smog instead of fresh and clean.

Air pollution is made by the smog left out by the cars, factories,machines,etc.

Smog is black and makes everything smell bad, it can  make people sick and make there eyes cry.  when there is air pollution the osone layer starts to rip off letting the sun rays hit harder making the heat stronger.